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About us

Licensed financial service provider

ITCS Capital Ltd is incorporated in the Republic of Kazakhstan with Business Identification Number 210240004131 and has been registered as Financial Services Provider on the 02/02/2021 with the Ministry of Economy.
We've come along way

The story behind ITCS Trade

January 2019

The idea for ITCS Trade is born as its four founders recognizes the demand for a great trading platform with world-class customer support.

March 2020

The first iteration of ITCS Trade is launched with support for crypto deposits and withdrawals.

January 2021

ITCS Trade launches 4000+ CFD-instruments and partners with the industry-leading platform technology provider X Open Hub.

February 2021

ITCS Capital Ltd is incorporated, becomes a fully licensed and accredited financial service provider. 4 new payment and withdrawal methods are integrated.

December 2021

A company record breaking €450 million trading volume is reached annually, ITCS Trade celebrates exponential growth.

May 2022

We introduce another 1000+ CFD-instruments, reaching a total of over 5000+ available instruments across the global markets. At the same time we surpass the previous year's record trading volume.

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